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“It would be really cool to run a team or lead an organization that
everyone wants to be a part of!”

“Being a good leader is one of the most important jobs there is. As a leader you hold the key to both your own, your organization’s – and not to forget – your employees’ success.

Let us share with you the tools and insights necessary to improve your leadership. In a way you will enjoy!”

Become the Leader You Want to Be…

Being a good leader is an extraordinary exciting and challenging journey. You need to know where to look to anticipate change, you must know how to lead a team based on diversity, be courageous enough to abandon the past, and be able to look around corners.

We have designed the “Future Leadership. Now!” program for ambitious leaders. You want to succeed, but in a good way. You are not willing to sacrifice the care of others on your way to the top. You are also humble enough to know that you need to mix your already achieved knowledge and experience with curiosity to see what is next.

The basic part of the program is free for all. We work with leaders all the time and know there is room for improvement. This is our contribution to make the corporate world a better place. Welcome!

Get a Leadership Upgrade

geek1It might sound strange – but you can actually improve your leadership skills by sitting in front of your computer. At least it can start there.

In the basic “Future Leadership. Now” program you will get three videos delivered to your mailbox. We have made it free of charge for you.

Take a look at this one minute introduction to the FutureLeadershipNow.

By the end of the basic-program, you will;

Know how to work more effectively, and how to obtain better results, faster

Know the framework for future leadership

Know how to minimize misunderstandings and make it easier for you to let people know what you expect of them

And Part of the Magic…

Looking back at our own career, we can easily see how (consciously or not) we always have created results by focusing on enthusiasm, smart processes, and collaboration. Today we have a common passion for making the corporate world a better place. After years of holding leadership positions at companies like Apple Computer, Philips, and Warner Bros., followed by a period with successful entrepreneurial activities, we founded Brainwells. Here we work internationally with ambitious top executive teams and corporations. Daily we experience magic moments, where people exceed their own expectations and surprise themselves because they get new insights and skills.

Now we want to share some of this magic! We have put together methods and tools for you to use as a leader. The program Future Leadership Now! is created with love and care. We hope you like it, and that the positive energy we are generously putting into everything we do is soon heading your way. Thank you for being here!

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“Leading should be FUN!”
Even Fossen and
Kristine Maudal,

“Being a good leader is one of the most important jobs there is.”